Sanger & Eby

Mobile Taleo Solution for Macy's

Mobile Recruiting Case Study


With more than 20% of all Internet access coming from mobile devices, and more and more users connecting only through mobile, Macy’s needed a mobile solution for recruiting, enabling candidates to apply for jobs on a mobile device. The powerful Taleo application and candidate management tool powered their online application, but no mobile solution was available. Our challenge was to create a seamless, user-friendly way for potential Macy’s hires to apply online using a handheld device.

There were a number of challenges to overcome in integrating a mobile solution within Taleo. In addition to very large pages fully scaling to the small screen, there were several points in the process where there was no way to get beyond the current screen (as in uploading an attachment, which isn’t possible on many mobile devices). We needed to find a way around these challenges while creating a streamlined, easy-to-navigate mobile application with great user experience.


To solve a problem effectively, you first have to fully understand it. We began by testing the Macy’s Taleo application on all major mobile devices to develop a 360 degree view of the issues—iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry, which combined comprise 91% of the mobile market, were evaluated.

We evaluated the pros and cons of a mobile app versus a mobile version of the website, and quickly determined a mobile site was the right solution—it sharply reduces the maintenance and revisions needed as mobile devices and operating systems change so rapidly, and this was a complex system we were adapting.

The first step was to create a specific mobile-friendly application flow within Taleo, removing barriers and sticking points that made it impossible for users to proceed past a certain point. Next, we designed a streamlined interface for optimal display on a small screen. Visual elements that are helpful for users on a desktop but daunting to mobile display were hidden, and mobile-friendly navigation and context were added. That was the easy part.

The next challenge was creating a mobile-friendly job search, to allow candidates to find appropriate job postings. Taleo is an incredibly powerful system, but it’s built for broadband; in addition to issues with performance on a mobile device, there were search features that couldn’t be accessed using a mobile device. Sanger & Eby created a mobile jobs search enabled for keyword, state, or job category. The search is generated executed through the Taleo API, creating a fast-performing, comprehensive job search that made it easy for potential hires to interact with Macy’s recruiting using a mobile device.


The mobile application is a tremendous success, facilitating candidate interactions and applications at unprecedented levels. Traffic on the site has skyrocketed, with thousands of visitors daily. Engagement levels have more than tripled, and users are taking advantage of the ability to apply online via a mobile device—giving Macy’s a strong advantage in a highly competitive hiring market.