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Titan America

Corporate Website


Concrete manufacturer and marketer Titan America had a primarily business to business (B2B) focus, marketing complex products primarily to commercial and residential builders across the United States. Titan America regularly purchases regional concrete companies, and, rather than rebranding them, leveraging their existing brand awareness to drive business results. Customers needed to be able to find the existing companies, and the Titan America brand couldn’t get in the way of that—but the company also wanted a single website to provide information and market to the customers of the individual organizations.

Titan’s customers search based on one of three criteria: the type of concrete or aggregate material, the region, or the company name. A single search needed to provide access to all three approaches, and also needed a streamlined user interface to ensure users could quickly and easily locate the information they needed, driving new sales for Titan America.

Finally, the company wanted to drive a higher level of awareness with consumers, generating affinity with its products and building a stronger public image.


Sanger & Eby created a streamlined, professional but consumer-friendly design for the site, with engaging imagery and headlines on the homepage and complex, multi-level navigation collapsed into manageable drop-downs. The site’s secondary layers are much more business-focused, with expanded navigational categories providing intuitive access to massive amounts of content.

To meet the complex search requirements, Sanger & Eby designed a database-driven site search; a complex but elegant database structure enables a deceptively simple interface that provides users with a streamlined way to access products, locations, or companies, depending on their search focus. The results are also mapped to other search criteria, enabling users to seamlessly navigate to a different paradigm without losing the information already collected—providing a flexible, highly intuitive interface that beautifully meets user needs and drives business results.


Titan America’s new site seamlessly combines the needs of all target audiences into a single, powerful website with highly sophisticated navigation, creating a cohesive brand for North American operations, generating increased awareness and affinity, and driving bottom line business results. Titan America’s site continues to grow and evolve, supporting an increasing number of needs. In addition to supporting complex recruiting and hiring needs, the site also serves as the foundation for the company’s intranet.