Career website checklist: How does your site stack up?

Career sites have evolved to include much more than just job descriptions for open positions and an online application. Our recruitment marketing experts have put together a checklist of features to help you evaluate your current careers website and attract the right talent to your company.

User searching for jobs on Macy's Career Website

Career sites have evolved to include much more than just job descriptions for open positions and an online application. But are you including all of the elements needed to attract the right talent to your company? Use our checklist below to evaluate your current site.

Career website checklist

  • Easy-to-use interface. You want to create the best candidate experience possible. Conducting user-experience testing will ensure candidates can easily search for jobs and complete the application process.
  • Mobile friendly design. Candidates today are applying on the go. If your careers site isn’t mobile friendly, you could lose out on top talent.
  • Location-based search features. Enabling job seekers to search for open positions in one geographic area adds to an improved candidate experience. Instantly populating open positions according to the user’s location on page-load takes this feature a step further. Every click or tap you can save the user makes the whole process that much simpler.
  • Mobile job search functionality. Beyond mobile-friendly design, your careers site should be fully-functional for mobile users. Many applicant tracking systems do not allow for users to search from their mobile devices at all.
  • Mobile job application functionality. Having a mobile job application goes hand-in-hand with mobile search functionality. If users can search for a job on their mobile device but have to complete the application on a desktop computer, you could lose those candidates in the transition.
  • User-friendly search filters and categories. Organize job categories and search filters so that they are intuitive to job seekers. This may differ from your internal company structure.
  • Integration with social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook Recruiting, etc.). Many job seekers come to your website via job postings on social networking sites. Integrating with these sites makes the application process simpler for the candidate to complete.
  • Straight-forward job descriptions. Whether your job descriptions are 50 or 500 words, ensure they include relevant and accurate information that allows your candidates to make an informed decision when applying for a position.
  • Job notification alerts. These will keep potential candidates who did not find a relevant position available at the time of their search engaged with your company.
  • Incorporates company culture. Candidates are interested in learning who they will be working with, and what sort of environment they will be working in.
  • Includes benefit information (tangible and intangible). Along with important financial benefits, candidates today are interested in the intangible or soft benefits your company provides. This will also give a better picture of your company’s work environment.
  • Includes authentic images. Stock images are easy to spot and don’t give an accurate representation of your company. Adding a variety of images of your team, including candid shots, will add to the authenticity of your site.
  • Incorporates video. Video is the new phenomenon and for good reason. Users are looking for anything that will give them a sneak-peak inside your company so they can picture themselves as a part of your team.
  • Communicates potential growth opportunities. Including a career path for certain positions allows applicants to see the opportunities for growth within your organization.

How many of these features does your current site include? Take a look at some of our work with 21st Century Fox and Macy's to see how we’ve helped them incorporate a variety of these features. Then, let’s talk about how we can improve the candidate experience of your company’s career website.