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Empower your team to build and edit beautiful web site pages using the Umbraco content management system.  Umbraco is a flexible, open source CMS that’s preferred by schools and districts across the country. Umbraco is chosen specifically for the demanding functionality requirements of education websites.  Security, consistency, and accessibility are built-in and incredibly easy to use. 

Umbraco is an open-source content management system, which means there are no up-front software purchase costs or ongoing licensing fees – to help make the most of your budget. 

Featuring a robust set of tools like drag-and-drop image uploading, a WYSIWYG editor, Google calendar integration, search engine optimization tools and other dynamic elements, you'll find building, editing and publishing school web sites effortless with Umbraco. 

The web page building interface allows you to quickly build visually appealing pages using your site’s established design– without worrying about “breaking” it. Each page starts as an empty container within a consistent layout structure. You don’t have to choose a template or page type – just select the content container you want. You’re not limited to just blocks of text, either. With over 30 different easy-to-use custom content types available, you have the power to create beautiful pages that tell your story. It's as easy as selecting a container, dropping in an image or filling out a few fields then publishing your content. That’s it. Compose each page. 

The simplicity and consistency of the user interface eliminate much of the learning curve we see with other content management systems.  Umbraco makes adding and editing site elements a breeze. 

Information will always be accurate and up to date, because elements like calendars, news, faculty & staff content are managed in one place. Meaning you only have to make the change once and it will be published everywhere on your site. 

Need to make changes to your website’s navigation? That’s easy, too. Simply choose "Sort" and then drag and drop pages to reorganize your site structure and navigation at the same time.   

Umbraco is designed to be responsive, adjusting page size and elements to fit the screen size whether you’re on desktop, phone, or something in between. Umbraco helps you maintain a consistent look and feel across all of the pages of your site, providing the best user experience for your audiences, regardless of how they’re accessing your site.

 Umbraco provides built-in SEO Tools to help ensure your new page can be easily found by search engines. Social media integration is seamless and easy, so you can populate your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts with options to share your content on all pages. You can also hide pages, remove them from the navigation and schedule when they should be published or removed.

Our Amplify website solution is built using Umbraco, so working with Sanger & Eby means a beautiful, effective website that’s affordable and truly easy to manage.

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