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As mobile usage explodes, a great mobile candidate experience is a growing concern for organizations everywhere – and now there’s good news for employers needing to reach these candidates. Our streamlined solution for a mobile-friendly job search and application can boost your employer brand by making it easier for candidates to find and apply for your jobs from their mobile device – without creating more work for you.

How does it work? We migrate the job search from your applicant tracking system to your careers site, where candidates can search for jobs and view customized job descriptions. When they’re ready to take the next step and apply, only then do we route them to your ATS. All your candidate data remains in your ATS, ensuring consistency, security, and real-time updates.

There are three primary components:

We leverage your ATS’ API to develop an automated process that downloads all your open jobs on a regular basis, every hour, every day, or whatever timing you require.

Next, we build a mobile-friendly custom job search, directly on your career site – filtering by keyword, location, job field, or other criteria. We can even add geolocation to automatically return jobs closest to the candidate and give you the ability to add videos to your job descriptions.

Finally, we review your ATS’s Application Flow, identifying breakpoints and recommending improvements for mobile. We can even reformat the built-in templates with custom code, creating a new branding file for a great mobile user experience. 

Our solution is simple for your team as well.  Since candidates complete the application directly in your ATS, your administrative process doesn’t change –  you create requisitions and review candidate applications the same way you do today. Changes to your job application are instantly and automatically implemented, ensuring a consistent candidate experience.

Our solution is a one-time cost for you – there’s no ongoing licensing fee.

Find out how you can provide a great candidate experience for mobile users today. Contact us for your custom mobile search and apply solution!

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