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Mobile Job Search & Apply Solution

Candidates today are mobile – for many, it’s the only way they go online, which means it’s the only way they search and apply for jobs. They expect your careers site to be ready for them; if it’s not, they move on.

Taleo is incredibly powerful, but the mobile user experience is challenging at best – if it works at all. To help our clients meet these demands of mobile recruiting, we created a robust mobile job search and apply solution for the Taleo applicant tracking system which creates a seamless, branded experience for your candidates.


See our Taleo solutions in action

We have created robust mobile job search and apply solutions for many clients using Taleo applicant tracking system, including Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s.

Varying mobile screen shots of Macy's and Bloomingdale's careers sites.

The Bottom Line

The result is a seamless, user-friendly, brand-right solution that drives outstanding business results and creates wins in the battle for the best talent. Bring your job search and apply to life on mobile.

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How our mobile search and apply for Taleo works:

We adapt our solution to your unique needs, identifying critical breakpoints that prevent candidates from completing an application (including third party tools that are part of your online application process). We leverage the Taleo API and preserve the application process within Taleo which reduces administrative burden while maintaining the existing recruiter experience.


Taleo Mobile Process Flow

Taleo Mobile Process Flow
  • Evaluate your Taleo environment
  • Identify and resolve breakpoints
  • Develop mobile wireframes
  • Design mobile application interface
  • Build mobile template and stylesheets
  • Test across all major platforms
  • Deploy, monitor, and measure


It’s time to go mobile. We can help you get there.