10 Private School Admissions Questions: Answer Before They’re Asked

Prospective private education students and their families ask a lot of questions about your high school during recruitment time. Save time and help your audiences feel understood and more informed before they even make their first visit.

Students asking questions on a campus visit.
Published: 4.18.2018

We’ve compiled ten frequently asked questions from students and parents when choosing a private high school.  See our suggestions for providing the easy answers in advance, so you can spend more time addressing students’ unique questions and needs. After all, it’s the personal connections during recruiting that make the difference in enrollment.

Admissions Questions

  1. What is the admissions process for your school?
  2. What are the important dates and deadlines?
  3. What is your school’s interview process?

Have a specific Admissions page on your website or a callout to the admissions process on brochures or handouts. Create a visual timeline to help your audience visualize the process easier. Posting an Admissions Q&A on your social media also is a great way to interact with your audiences. This can either be a Facebook Live session or chose a specific date and time to have users post questions to your Facebook or Twitter while your staff answers the questions live.

Academics Questions

  1. What types of courses are offered?
  2. Is college preparation important and encouraged?
  3. What are the average class sizes?

Highlight the courses and academic standards throughout your website and recruiting materials. Also include success stories from alumnae that have gone on to successful colleges or programs post-graduation to give your audience a better sense of how your school will prepare their student for the future.

Questions About Costs

  1. What is the annual tuition?
  2. What financial aid or scholarships are offered?

Be up-front about the financial obligations for your school and any opportunities that are offered to alleviate the price. Families appreciate the information being easily available without having to dig for the cost of tuition.

Student Life

  1. Will I fit in at your school?
  2. What extracurricular activities are offered?

If your school offers campus visits or shadow days, encourage students to attend these to get a true experience of the daily life at your school. For those students who might be unable to attend due to distance or other circumstances, create videos that show the campus, student life and extracurricular activities. Utilize your social media to show off the day-to-day life at your school through authentic photography and short videos.

This is only the beginning. Take a look at the questions you and your staff are commonly asked by prospective students. Ensure this information is covered on your website and recruitment materials. Utilize reports and articles from organizations, such as Private School Review and EdChoice, to help you compile questions that might be asked. Add any missing information that could be helpful in the decision-making process to reduce the questions you receive and focus on recruiting where it counts.

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