3 Tips To Help You Compete Against the Big Dogs

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Published: 2.1.2017

We know the challenges you face every year, attracting and retaining the right students who will succeed at your institution. How do you communicate the value of an education at your college when you’re competing for the same pool of students against other large universities in your area?

Our education marketing experts put together a few tips to help you when competing against the “big dogs.”

  • Take a look at your website. Is your website effectively engaging your audiences? Is the information easy to find? Websites are often the first impression potential students have with your college – having a great user experience can make all the difference.

  • Show off your culture. Potential students want to know what your school is actually like and they don’t want to just be told it’s an inviting environment – they want to see it for themselves. Incorporating authentic video into your website and social media allows students to get a sense of what their classes would be like, what organizations they could join and how they would fit in at your school.

  • Speak to each audience. Community colleges attract many different students, high school graduates, parents, online students, life-long learners so if most of your messaging on your website and social media speaks to only one audience, other potential students may feel un-welcome.

These are only the beginning. Contact us today to learn how we can create a successful education strategy for your college.

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