3 Ways to Speak to Multiple Audiences through Your Website

Multiple Audiences accessing an education website
Published: 1.10.2017

New year – new resolutions – fresh start. That’s what many of us are thinking come January. It’s also a time when we are developing our recruitment marketing efforts for the coming year, part of which should include website updates. For institutions like yours, we know including information for the multiple audiences your website serves isn’t always easy – so here are a few tips from our experts.

  1. Develop audience personas.
    • Creating these personas, and updating them often, will help you tailor content and information to the right audiences in the right location on your website.
    • Conduct interviews with multiple user types, potential students, faculty and staff, parents, alumni, etc. These will help when creating your personas to get real life examples and identify their needs without guessing at what they’re looking for.
    • Now – actually use the personas you created to organize your website by users, their objectives and their information needs.
  2. Create a user friendly web design and architecture.
    • Conduct user experience testing throughout the process to assess site organization, functionality and content.
    • Keep your site uncluttered. Trying to fit too many elements or content pieces creates confusion and disorganization. Creating a clean, polished design will help users navigate your site with ease.
    • Is your site mobile friendly? Responsive design is no longer just an option. As mobile continues to grow as many people’s main source to access the internet, having a responsive, mobile-friendly site is more important than ever.
    • Use navigation wisely. So many times information gets buried in sub-menu after sub-menu. A simple navigation structure will allow users to locate the information they need efficiently.
  3. Update your content on a regular basis.
    • Do you update your website content often? Your content should be updated regularly to ensure accurate information and give a refresh to your website. Even simple imagery changes can make a big impact. Using a Content Management System can make editing your website easy without taking up your whole day.
    • As your audience personas grow and change, your content should also evolve.

Ready to get started? Let’s talk about how we can work together to create a successful website for your institution.

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