5 Tips to Showing the Value of a Private Education

1.10.2017 »
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As a private educator you may already know why parents and students choose your school over a public option – but how are you communicating that through your recruitment marketing? Our experts put together a quick list to help you get started:

  1. Know your audience.
    • Creating audience profiles will help when creating presentations, brochures and even website content.
    • Understand their “why”. There are many reasons people turn to private education; smaller class sizes, language programs, religion, location, prestige, the list goes on and on. But recognizing that everyone has a different “why” will help you tailor your messages and create a bigger impact on your audiences.
  2. Diversify your marketing efforts.
    • Today’s students are more digital than ever, but their parents may not be. Utilizing multiple platforms and tools ensures maximum exposure for your school. This includes print, digital and social marketing.
    • Part of utilizing multiple platforms includes regular content and website updates. Using a Content Management System makes it easy to update your website on your own time and ensure you have accurate, relevant information available at all times.
  3. Create a consistent brand.
    • Your marketing efforts may be spread out over several mediums and platforms – but they should be consistent and cohesive to avoid confusion.
  4. Include testimonials in your marketing efforts.
    • Gather feedback from current students, parents, alumni and even faculty as to what they like about your school.
    • Real-life examples allows your audience an inside look and a chance for them to relate to someone who could be in a similar situation.
  5. Measure your results.
    • Analytics plays a big role in marketing. Measuring and analyzing the results of your campaigns or monthly website traffic can help you tailor your messaging or make changes to your website.

Are you ready to create your recruitment marketing strategy for 2017? We’re here to help! Let’s talk about we can bring your ideas to life.

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