A Day in the Life of an Intern: First Impressions

Sarah Schneider
7.22.2010 »
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What is a summer internship? When some college students break free of that hectic schedule of classes, labs, papers, and exams it is time to kick back and enjoy a relaxing summer of sun and friends. For others, it is time to put their knowledge and skills to the test.

As a strategic communication major, after two summers of a relaxing job by the pool, I decided to put my new education to the test by seeking summer internships. After the struggle of finding successful companies still offering internship opportunities in the tough economic times we face, fate brought me to Sanger & Eby for a summer as their first Marketing Intern.

I had many preconceived ideas about what being a summer intern would be like as a junior in college. Many of these ideas including getting coffee, filing papers, and answering phones. I am now entering my fourth week as the marketing intern for Sanger & Eby Design and any expectations I had for an internship have been blown out of the water. My first day on the job consisted of a client meeting at Macy’s corporate office, lunch at a quaint downtown Cincinnati café, followed by a client staging for a magnificent website our designers had created. I was thrown right into the meat of what strategic communications is all about.

Interning at Sanger & Eby has already been beyond what I would have imagined. If my first day wasn’t good enough; I have since, written and mailed press releases, researched many topics for use on projects, participated in client meetings, been assigned lead for pro bono projects, and participated in the social media strategy of the company. As a college student I expected to come into a company and feel like a college student. Instead, upon working at Sanger & Eby I have been welcomed, not as an intern but as a part of the team.

Every day that I am here I am learning something new. At Sanger & Eby it does not feel like a group of designers, developers, and project managers; but, rather it feels like one team working together to create marketing masterpieces. Yes, as a marketing intern I have worked directly with project management, marketing, social media; but I have also worked directly with designers and programmers. I never expected to be able to interact with the founders of the company on a daily basis in my internship, but here everyone seems equal, everyone is valued, and everyone is heard.

I cannot speak for every summer internship a college student may hold, but I know for myself; up to this point my expectations have been completely demolished. Each day I come to work with an open mind and ready for a new assignment, a new project, and a new lesson.

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