Cheers to 28 Years!

Twenty-eight years ago Lisa Sanger and Donna Eby founded Sanger & Eby. What started as a small print design firm has now grown into one of Cincinnati’s largest design and technology firms and has been named to the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list four times.

Sanger & Eby Staff Photo, October 2016
Published: 10.7.2016

Throughout the years, our company has evolved alongside constantly changing technology and we keep evolving every day. We know that business strategy is continuously changing and we challenge our team to think of new ideas for our clients that utilize these new resources.

Speaking with Lisa and Donna, I asked what is one thing that has stayed the same since 1988 (luckily it wasn’t the hairstyles!), and they both had similar answers. Lisa said it was “Our passion for innovation and desire to find a solution that works for our clients.” Donna stated that while our expertise has expanded, she agreed that our passion for both our clients and our work has never changed.

I think everyone would agree that creativity and problem solving are an essential part of our roles here at Sanger & Eby. In fact, two of our company values reflect this as well – innovation and client obsession. We are constantly challenging ourselves to think outside the box and create a unique solution that solves our clients’ needs.

So what better way to celebrate our anniversary then to take these two key ideals that are fundamental to our business and turn them into a fun activity?! Today, we’re headed to Breakout Cincinnati to use our problem solving and creativity skills in a different way.

Congratulations Lisa & Donna, we’re excited to see what’s in store next!

Stay tuned for our next blog to find out if we make it out in time!

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