Bloomingdale’s New College Recruiting Website Targets Top Talent

Iconic retailer Bloomingdale’s has a new college recruiting website—one that showcases its unique employer brand and appeals to the tech-savvy millennial market.

Bloomingdale's New College Recruiting Website
Published: 10.17.2014

As with its sister site, Macy’s College Recruiting, we started with in-depth research into the target audience information needs as well as general online habits and practices.

Authentic photography, extensive video featuring real-life Bloomingdale’s employees, “Day in the Life” timelines for multiple disciplines, and career path options showcase Bloomingdale’s as a great place to build a careernot just start one.

Critical to site success is the fully responsive design, which enables users to explore career opportunities and even apply for jobs from anywhere—even from a mobile device. The innovative job search and application process has Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s in the forefront of mobile recruiting, as one of just 3% of Fortune 500 companies that make applying for a job via mobile an option.

Congratulations to our partners and clients on the Bloomingdale’s College recruiting team!

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