Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce Selects Sanger & Eby as Finalist

11.6.2009 »
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Giving back to the community becomes even more rewarding when hard work is recognized.

We are a finalist in the WE Celebrate Awards, nominated for best Marketing Campaign for women. Our nomination is based on the work done on behalf of Impact 100, a local group founded to promote philanthropy among women. Sanger & Eby donated $40,000 worth of time and creative to develop a new website for the group. The goal was to create a website with an “at a glance” informational homepage, as well as a members-only section to allow the committees of Impact 100 to more effectively communicate. Sanger & Eby designed the site based on Impact 100’s existing logo with a yellow and purple color scheme, built discussion forums for members and implemented a content management system (CMS) to update the site.

We are thrilled to share our nomination with the other worthy finalists, and while we’re looking forward to finding out who won, we are truly honored to be nominated.

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