Clark State Community College Kicks Off Rebranding with Responsive New Site

Clark State Community College selected Sanger & Eby to help develop and communicate an effective, highly engaging education brand. We’re very excited to announce the flagship of our rebranding efforts is complete with the launch of Clark State’s new website.

Clark State Community College Responsive Website Redesign
Published: 7.3.2014

Our team had the unique task of reflecting both an academic look and feel as well as capturing the edgier voice of content and taglines for this fresh, new site based on the new education brand we developed for Clark State. With over 200 pages of information and content, intuitive structure organization was an integral and intensive process, and we created a new site architecture to optimize user experience. Clark State’s website is designed to be fully responsive to reach the mobile-friendly college demographic on all platforms.

Today’s students are savvy digital natives, having grown up using technology and social media—most haven’t lived in a world without Google. That’s why a dynamic and intuitive site is crucial for Clark State.

We’re very pleased with Clark State’s new site, but it’s only the first piece of the puzzle. The college’s enrollment campaign rolls out this summer under the newly re-positioned brand.

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