Cut the Clutter to Connect with Your Audience

How the idea behind a popular Netflix series can be applied to the digital world for better user experience – and enhanced business results.

Illustration showing a person at a computer, twice, but only one is happy - this illustrates good vs bad user experience.
Published: 4.24.2019

I think it’s safe to say by now that everyone has at least heard of the Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” The premise of the show, and the underlying KonMari theory of decluttering, is that if you eliminate unnecessary belongings from your home, you can create a happier, more harmonious living space. If we apply the show’s premise to the digital products we create – if we eliminate unnecessary content, features, and design flair that don’t serve a purpose – can we create happier, more harmonious user experiences?

Considering the average reader gives you 15 seconds to capture their attention before moving on, less can very often be more. If you eliminate the unnecessary, you can help your users find what they are looking for faster and complete the task they came to your site to do – and improve your results in the process.

So, how do you decide what is necessary, what serves a purpose? 

Start by asking yourself: will this help my users solve their problem? 

To answer that question, rely on your user personas, or the archetypal research-based characters created to represent your target audiences. When you look through the lens of your users, you’ll eliminate your emotional bias to make the right decision.

It’s easy to get trapped into wanting to include something in your website, mobile app, or other digital experience because it’s cool or fun, but if it doesn’t serve a purpose for your users, it’s just muddying up the user experience and diluting your potential success.

The next question to ask yourself is: does this fit with my content strategy? 

Your content strategy was created to help ensure that your content is not only aligned with your business goals and objectives, but is high-quality, meaningful, and relevant to your audience.

Websites are, in particular, prone to becoming cluttered. A well-designed site is built to flex and scale as your business needs and the needs of your users change. Over time, it can become cluttered with old content and elements that are no longer relevant, so it is a great idea to periodically conduct a content audit and reevaluate what’s still relevant to your business, your personas, and your content strategy. When you cut the clutter, you create a better user experience, and that paves the way for great business results.

Need help getting started?

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