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10.27.2016 »
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Digital Crossroads 2016 Conference in Louisville, Kentucky Agenda and giveaways

Last week I was able to attend the Digital Crossroads conference hosted by the Louisville Digital Association. This two-day conference was packed full of knowledge from some great speakers. I’d been able to hear from some of the keynotes before and I knew this time the information they shared would be just as powerful. Here’s just a few of the key takeaways from this event:

  • Put your client first, always. Colin Burns from Sprinklr spoke on making your digital efforts customer focused, which reminded me of one of our own company values. Sanger & Eby’s first core value is “Client Obsession”, which to us means putting our clients first in all that we do.
  • Email is not dead! Now, everyone says email is dead – but that myth was quickly busted by Anthony Antonicello from Delivra. As we all know, social media is always changing and new platforms are coming and going all the time. What is popular right now may not be around in 5 years (see ya later Vine!), but email is eternal. That’s not to say you shouldn’t market using these platforms at all, but know that you should mix your marketing efforts with email and not focus solely on social. The session went on to cover 11 steps to take for successful email marketing, some of the most important being ideals we follow at Sanger & Eby. They included defining a strategy and working off of that plan and how to track/measure your results to improve your efforts.
  • Sales and marketing need to work together to be successful. Luckily, our team as a whole works together already; from designers to developers, to sales and marketing. This also reinforces how we put our clients first. By working so closely together, we are always thinking of how we can best serve our clients.
  • Add personality and don’t be afraid to try new things! This was mentioned several times throughout the conference, and even the presenters themselves were emulating this, adding personality to their presentations. From Eric Qualman’s presentation on modern leadership to Tara Hunt’s entertaining session on incorporating video, each of these emphasized putting your own spin on things and incorporating personality into your brand.


Overall, this conference was a great refresher on some topics and opened my eyes to new ideas and technologies to use.

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