Does Work/Life Balance Exist?

9.15.2016 »
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Does work/life balance really exist when it comes to our core values?

Newport, Kentucky's Trash Bash Volunteer Event

I’m not sure I understand, or agree with, the whole work/life balance concept.

For me, work and life are not two separate entities on either side of some imaginary scale that must somehow balance. The balance comes from joining the two and gaining equal fulfillment from both – more like two lines that run parallel but often intersect.

Those two lines intersected again this past weekend at my neighborhood Trash Bash of all places. My husband and I spent an hour picking up trash in our city with about 175 of our neighbors. As a group we collected almost a TON of garbage and recyclables from the streets of Newport, KY. We even snagged 2 shopping carts! It really was a “ton” of fun. There were competitions for the most garbage collected (by weight), the most interesting trash find, and the most cigarette butts picked up (the winner picked up 3.6 lbs of butts! Ugh!!).

Buckets volunteers used to collect trash at the event
Buckets volunteers used to collect trash at the event
Buckets volunteers used to collect trash at the event


I came into the office Monday morning and glanced at our Core Values, which are posted by my monitor, and realized I had just upheld our Social Responsibility core value without even thinking about work. I was just out to have a good time with great people in the community that I live in and love.

Trash collected during the Trash Bash event in Newport, Kentucky


The Social Responsibility value reads:

 “We are caring neighbors and have a vested interest in making a positive difference in the community in which we live and work. Serving our community is ingrained in our company culture.”

I'm not sure how I could ever separate our work core values from my life core values. Maybe we just have a great set of values here at Sanger & Eby.

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