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Kat Jenkins
4.5.2018 »
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Enhance Your Community College Marketing: 18 Ways to Drive Enrollment

Discover 18 Ways to Drive Enrollment at Your Community College

Many states are shifting to outcome-based funding for community colleges. At the same time, more students are questioning their return on investment for higher education.

As competition for students increases and higher education marketing evolves to a brand-focused approach, the Sanger & Eby team leverages decades of education experience, as well as their corporate recruitment marketing expertise with Fortune 500 brands, such as Macy’s and 21st Century Fox.

This creates a distinct advantage for our higher education clients that drives enrollment and outstanding results. Community colleges choose to work with Sanger & Eby because they know we understand their challenges and will problem-solve with them.

Download our guide for 18 Ways to Enhance Your Community College Marketing to Drive Enrollment. Then, contact Sanger & Eby for expert help with these marketing strategies.

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