Finding Your Fit—The Essence of Education Branding

4.18.2016 »
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An effective, meaningful education brand is a critical part of rising above the crowd and standing out to the students who will thrive in your environment. They need to know what makes it right for them—how your strengths and culture align with what they’re looking for, and how attending your school will help them succeed. That’s what your education brand is all about.

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How Do You Get There?

First, understand your strengths—what does your college do well? What makes it special? What does it stand for with your students? Their influencers? The community at large? And harder to hear but just as important: where it falls short. What are the negative perceptions holding you back and making it ever harder to hit enrollment targets?

The answer is simple (but simple isn’t always easy). Talk to them.

Why did your current students choose your school? Why did those who didn’t choose another school? What do your prospective students think? What do parents and guidance counselors think? What about your alumni?

Focus groups, stakeholder interviews, surveys—they’re all great tools for finding out what you need to know; you just have to make sure you’re asking the right questions, and understanding what the answers mean. At the heart of that answer is your education branda brand that aligns your strengths with your prospective students’ needs in a way that resonates with them, creates a meaningful connection, and draws them into a conversation that results in application, matriculation, retention, and graduation.

For your success, and for theirs. 

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