Giving Back: Passion for Pets

Ashley Ramous
8.11.2010 »
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Throughout life everyone is presented with many opportunities … some are grand and amazing, some are small and pass by almost unnoticed. Some pass through your life quickly, some stay forever. But one thing is certain—these opportunities shape and mold you, leaving behind an imprint. My great opportunity did just that, in the shape of a paw print.

In 2008, we received a call from a past colleague to help market a non-profit she was passionate about. As President of the Board of Directors for the United Coalition for Animals (UCAN), she recognized the organization’s need to form a relationship with a company that could help elevate the nonprofit to the next level and reached out to us to help.

The opportunity aligned itself perfectly with one of Sanger & Eby’s, and my own, core values: giving back. The Sanger & Eby and UCAN relationship started out very simpleproviding pro-bono graphic design support for the organization. I was allowed ample time to create brochures, newsletters and other necessary print pieces that would be used to educate people about UCAN’s missionending pet overpopulation and animal euthanasia through responsible pet care and spay/neuter surgeries.

With each piece I created I continued my own education, quickly learning why an organization like UCAN is so necessary. To explain things in the simplest way possible, there are too many pets and too few homes. For every person born each day in the United States, seven kittens and puppies are born*—more than we could ever hope to find homes for. A decline in pet overpopulation will lead to a decline in animal abuse and neglect. It will lead to a decrease economic strain by decreasing the amount of tax dollars spent yearly to round up, care for or euthanize these animals. And it will help increase our abilities to properly care for our own pets and our area’s homeless animals. Pet overpopulation and the resulting euthanasia of these healthy animals will remain with us unless the cause is consistently addressed. Since 2001, UCAN has worked to address that problem through its nonprofit spay neuter clinic and pet health programs.

Over the last two and a half years, that simple relationship of a company lending its expertise to a great cause has grown into so much more. I currently serve on the Board of Directors and as a member of the Marketing and Fundraising committees. I have been able to give my time and talents to an incredibly important cause. I have grown through education and through the people I have had an opportunity to meet. My life has been shaped by my experience with UCAN and I am left with an imprint, a paw print, because I have been able to give back to my community through my career at Sanger & Eby.

*Facts from SpayUSA

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