Google Job Postings: How to Make It Work for Your Site

Google’s latest feature, Google Job Postings, has many benefits for employers looking to increase visibility and reach for open positions, but appearing in their job post search results takes a little technical know-how.

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Published: 8.29.2017

Earlier this summer, Google introduced a new feature for job seekers and employers; Google Job Postings. This feature is part of the overall Google for Jobs initiative and seeks to improve the experience for job seekers on Google Search. Google uses its algorithm to crawl websites, job boards, and other recruiting websites to gather specific details about jobs to return relevant results to their users.

How It Works

Similar to their Google Flights feature, when a user searches for terms, such as “jobs in Cincinnati, Ohio,” “marketing jobs,” “jobs at Sanger & Eby,” or even just “jobs” Google will show a preview of job listings that match the search criteria in addition to its normal job search results. This allows the user to easily browse open positions within the search results before visiting a site. From there, users can expand to view a longer job list that matches their search and/or chose to visit one of the sites for more details on a specific posting. Users also can filter the Google results into different categories, such as location, industry, date posted, and job-type.

Note: Users cannot apply for the jobs on Google. The job post and preview direct users to the original posting on your company’s career website or other job board to apply. This means that having a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever as more users could be accessing your open positions from their phones via this new feature.

What This Means for Your Company

Having your open positions appear within Google Job Postings means that you have another opportunity for job seekers to discover your open position and connect with your company. 

Appearing in these Google-created results isn’t automatic; you’ll need to make some changes to your website. In order to have your job openings appear in the Google jobs widget, you need to add structured data to your job listings and submit a sitemap to Google with a date for each listing. If you need help with this, the technology team at Sanger & Eby is available to make all recommendations and updates.

While adding the data needed for Google, take a look at your current careers website. Is it organized for applicants to easily find other jobs once they get to your website? Can they search and apply via mobile without having to pinch and zoom? Are you communicating your employer brand and company culture well? With increased traffic, these elements are important to ensure a great candidate experience throughout the whole process. We can help with that, too. Contact us to explore our strategic and efficient approach.

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