How an Updated Career Site Can Save Money

Many times when interviewing potential candidates, you can quickly determine whether or not they will fit within the role and company culture. The problem is, getting to the point of an in person interview takes time weeding through multiple applications and time = money. Is there a way for candidates to conclude on their own if they would fit within the role?

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Published: 5.16.2017

The short answer: Yes, there is. How you ask? By updating your career website with richer content.

If your current career site is simply a short job description and an application, this could end up costing you more money (and time) by forcing you to interview large numbers of candidates who just don’t fit. Even worse, you find someone who you think will be a good fit but after a few weeks the position was not what they were expecting and they leave.

Updating your career website can help lessen the occurrence of both of these scenarios. Providing more information upfront will allow potential applicants to self-select out of the process, which will save you time and money in the long run. Here are a few examples of the information to provide for applicants to determine their fit ahead of time:

  • Create a day in the life. Not every day within a given role will be the same, but there are some key responsibilities that can help candidates get a better understanding of the requirements and goals of the position. Ask current employees in the role you’re hiring for to share their daily schedule and then incorporate these into your job description.
  • Share your company culture. Many candidates are looking to see how they will fit within the company and if their potential co-workers have similar interests and values. It can be hard to get a true understanding of a company’s culture from the short bios on your About Us page and users are looking for more. Creating a culture video to authentically show the people who make up your company can help candidates learn more about the environment they’ll be working in.
  • Share opportunities for growth. Candidates want to know how they can grow within your organization. Outlining a potential career path for certain positions will allow them to see how their career can develop within your company.

By providing potential applicants with a deeper understanding of the position itself and the environment they’ll be working in, the applicants who do apply are more likely to be a good fit.

Want to learn about other elements you can add to enhance your career site? Use our Career Website Checklist to evaluate your current website.

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