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School is about preparation. Educators, like you, are preparing the next generation to enter the workforce, to obtain higher education and to become positive members of society.

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School is about preparing for the future. You’ve explored new curriculums, teaching tools, education methodologies all to get ahead of an ever-changing world and the young minds that live in it.

But what about preparing your administration and its recruitment tools for the future? Now’s the perfect time to start thinking about next year’s incoming class. Who will they be? Where will they come from? And most importantly, how will you attract them? 

  1. Refresh Your Messaging 
    Start with a fresh campaign message or tagline. Look to your target audience(s) and your school’s unique benefits to develop a theme for this year’s recruiting campaign. 

  2. Update Your Campaign Channels
    Assess all of your current marketing channels. Could these use a refresh? Here are a few ideas to consider adding to your next recruiting campaign checklist to attract students:
    • Local Billboards
    • Targeted Pandora or Spotify ads
    • Brochures
    • Yard signs
    • Print ads
    • Car window clings
    • Radio ads
    • Direct mail
    • Promotional events

  3. Remember Always-on Channels
    Consider if your school’s website needs a facelift. Most students today initially research private high schools online. Your school website needs to make a good first impression for students (and likely their parents as well). Why not spruce it up to complement your recruiting campaign? And don’t forget your social media pages, too. Make sure that your school puts its best foot forward with prospective students and their families.

Need some extra experts and creative minds to jumpstart your recruiting activities or give your always-on channels a boost? Sanger & Eby would love to meet your team and discuss your ideas and goals.

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