Macy’s College—New Site Focuses on Millennial Recruiting

10.3.2013 »
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We’re excited to announce the launch of the new Macy’s College Recruiting website, designed to create a recruiting advantage for Macy’s as it routinely competes with other top employers for the best talent.

Macy's College Recruiting Website Launch

Beginning with focus groups and strategy development, we’ve created a fully responsive site including multiple videos featuring real-life Macy’s associates sharing their experiences, streamlined job profiles, and rich content that specifically meets the identified needs of the millennial candidate.

The new Macy’s College site is the latest implementation of Sanger & Eby’s mobile Taleo solution, including a fully responsive job search and application process that enables candidates to have the same experience regardless of what device they’re using.

Visit the new Macy’s College recruiting site!

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