Macy’sJOBS: More Than A New Facelift

Keeping your website up-to-date is important when trying to attract and hire top talent, especially in a competitive market. Candidate needs and expectations are evolving rapidly, and shifting more and more to mobile devices.

Macy's Fully Responsive Careers Website Redesign
Published: 9.22.2016

Macy’s hires more than 80,000 people for the holiday season alone each year, and needed a way to differentiate itself to meet hiring needs and ensure business results. That is why Macy’sJOBS partnered with us once again to reinvent and redesign their career site.

Macy’s has always been ahead of the game with their mobile job search and application site, and this redesign is no different. In 2011, Sanger & Eby and Macy’s pioneered a mobile recruiting solution to enable users to both search and apply on mobile using the Taleo applicant tracking system. This created a streamlined approach to both the job search and application that is now recommended by Oracle as a best practice. As new advances in technology became available Macy’s wanted to incorporate new features to this solution as well as a fresh design.

Creating a great user experience is especially important to a career site – in today’s talent market, candidate experience is everything, and their expectations are high, so this played a major role in our new vision.

Screen capture of the instant-geolocation feature on the Macy's JOBS website.

Beyond the new visual design, users can automatically view job postings in their area via the geo-location feature. This feature requires no action from the user; the site recognizes their location and populates the jobs on the initial page load – making it easier and quicker for users to navigate open positions in their area.

Potential applicants can also use advanced filters to view jobs by category, distance, schedule and shift. Several micro sites that previously targeted Macy’s highly specific recruiting categories (e.g. Military, Beauty & Cosmetics, and Technology) have now been rolled into Macy’sJOBS for a more holistic candidate experience all under the Macy’s employer brand while still addressing the needs of each differentiated candidate type. While the recruiting strategy around these categories has not changed, the process for the candidates is more efficient for both the candidate and the corporation. We also incorporated Job Alerts to highlight specific job openings related to the location the user is searching in, and even allow them to sign up for notifications when new jobs are posted.

Mobile job search function on the updated Macy's JOBS website.

Macy’s has been at the forefront of mobile talent acquisition with their mobile job search and application process and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

With 89% of job seekers wanting to use mobile devices to search for jobs, Macy’s recognizes mobile recruiting is here to stay and they are prepared to capture these candidates.

Congratulations to the Macy’sJOBS team on the new site; we look forward to seeing what’s next. Visit to see the new features for yourself.

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