Maintaining Sanity

This last takeaway is a compilation of immense knowledge bestowed upon us humble conference-goers by the great JoonYong Park of Firstborn. Well, really it’s at least a list of sanity-savers that JoonYong was so kind to share:

"If you wait for the perfect opportunity, it will never happen. it starts with you." JoonYoon Park
Published: 7.7.2015

I had the opportunity to attend the GenerateNYC conference this spring. I'll be doing a series of posts on the amazing design insight I took away. Read my previous posts below:

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Hard Work Up-Front Pays Off in the End

  1. It starts with you. Be the change you wish to see. If you want something done, don’t wait for the perfect opportunity for it to happen. Don’t wait for someone to do it for you. Make it happen. Start the initiative; start the change.
  2. Crave the challenge. Everyone’s afraid of something—use that to drive yourself. We’re all afraid of failing; it’s not a good feeling. Push yourself to learn new things out of your comfort zone so that you can’t fail.
  3. Don’t get stuck behind a desk. Knowledge is 2D, experience is 3D. Everyone can absorb knowledge and regurgitate it. You need experience to know how to apply it. You get your creativity from your experiences—no one has gone through everything you’ve been through, so use your perspective to your advantage and let it inform your designs.
  4. You’re not that great. You’re not as good as you think you are, so don’t disrespect those around you, you’re going to need them on your side. Show respect, and you’ll get it in return.
Pancakes from a New York Bistro

All in all, New York was fantastic. The lights, the action, the killer bistro we found that made the best pancakes on the face of this Earth (to our extraterrestrial friends, you have your work cut out for you). But the best part truly was gathering with designers from around the country and learning their experiences—their philosophies—and then coming home with ideas of how to better ourselves, better our clients. 

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