New Macy’s Diversity Leadership Website Launches!

3.2.2011 »
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We’re delighted to announce the launch of the new Macy’s Diversity Leadership website; designed to increase awareness of the company’s diversity efforts and drive deeper engagement with the target audience, it features Macy’s holistic plan for diversity as well as perspective from senior leadership within the Macy’s organization.

Macy's 2011 Diversity Leadership Website

The fresh, new, focused look includes information on how potential vendors and suppliers can connect with Macy’s and rich content for prospective employees, including an overview of Macy’s involvement in communities across the country, information on sponsorships, and honors and recognition the company has received (there’s quite a bit).

A new marketing library features current and past advertising images from diversity campaigns. We’re excited about this great new resource and its great potential to help Macy’s realize its goals in diversity leadership! Check it out here.

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