Performance-Based Funding in Higher Education Intensifies Branding and Recruitment Needs

With more and more colleges receiving their funding based in part on the performance of their students, graduation rates and student success become increasingly more relevant.

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Published: 11.3.2016

As more and more state and federal policy makers look towards performance based funding to help alleviate college student concerns with the value proposition of higher education, the need for a unified, distinct brand and a solid recruitment strategy that attracts students more likely to succeed becomes tantamount.

Student retention rates benefit from a unified brand that attracts students who will thrive and succeed at your institution.

Success begins before a student even steps foot on your campus. You need to reach the students who have a drive to succeed and who will make your institution better, and you need to attract them. Your institution’s brand is the gateway through which your prospective students enter into your ecosystem and begin researching and learning more about you.

Sanger & Eby is an expert in education branding and recruitment marketing. We have helped multiple colleges enhance their brand, and our clients have seen major successes based on our partnership. Let’s take Clark State Community College as an example.

Clark State came to us with a need to break through the noise in the market and communicate their unique selling point and college brand. The state of Ohio had recently shifted the majority of state education funding to an outcome-based model, and Clark State needed to get ahead of the curve in attracting students who would succeed.

Sanger & Eby partnered with Clark State to work through a branding overhaul, including a new logo and color pallete, a new mascot, and a typography overhaul. We worked together to produce a beautiful, informative website that attracted students from across the state. We created an entire enrollment campaign across multiple mediums, including radio, print, and billboards.

The results were staggering.

In the year we ran the enrollment campaign, Clark State was one of only 3 higher education institutions in the entire state of Ohio to experience an increase in enrollment. Enrollment at Clark State has actually increased by 20% in the 2 years since we ran the enrollment campaign. Perhaps more importantly, Clark State’s graduation rate leapt up 77% after the campaign ran.

Branding and recruitment marketing are playing an ever-increasing role in the way funding for higher education is distributed. Why not partner with a proven expert in the field, and see what Sanger & Eby can do for you?

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