Part 2 of 3: Recruitment Strategies for Performance-Based Funding

With competition increasing among schools for the same pool of students, incorporating new marketing platforms into your recruitment efforts can help your institution stand out.

Multiple Marketing Channels and Platforms
Published: 7.10.2017

In our first article in this three-part series, we discussed the importance of updating your website for prospective students. Now, we’ll cover the new channels and platforms the experts at Sanger & Eby recommend you use in your recruitment marketing efforts.

Strategy 2: Use new marketing channels and platforms to reach potential students

With performance-based funding and a lower pool of potential students, competition has increased significantly among higher education institutions. In order to stand out from the crowd and reach your target audience where they are, you need to use multiple marketing channels and platforms.

While a website, direct mail and a small social media presence on one or two networks might have sufficed in years past, today, a larger presence is needed. Consider creating an account on each major social media platform: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and even Snapchat. Our social media guide will give you ideas about how to utilize each platform.

Beyond social accounts, consider digital advertising efforts on commonly used sites or apps, such as Pandora or Spotify. Other advertising efforts, such as radio, print and billboards, can be effective to raising awareness and driving interest to your school. Before deciding where to advertise, research the media’s audience demographics to ensure your target audiences actively use it. Pew Research is a great resource to use to conduct research.

As you diversify your marketing channels, the overall messaging should remain consistent, but you can highlight certain benefits for each channel based on its format and primary audience. Focus on different aspects of your school to connect even more with potential students, while maintaining your core message.

Take a look at how we helped Mount St. Joseph University successfully shake up their recruitment marketing mix. If you’re interested in learning how we can introduce new channels and platforms into recruitment marketing efforts — let's talk!

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