Part 3 of 3: Recruitment Strategies for Performance-Based Funding

Beyond new marketing platforms, new features of these platforms and new technologies altogether offer a way for your institution to lead the pack and stand out among your competition.

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Published: 8.8.2017

This is the third installment of our three-part series, covering recruitment strategies for performance-based funding success. Our first two articles covered how to update your website to create a great first impression and recommended channels to consider using in your recruitment marketing efforts.

This third article asks you to take a fresh look at the channels your school is currently using and at those you’ve previously ruled out. Social networking sites are constantly adding new features, and completely new apps and platforms are popping up and gaining popularity. Knowing which ones to add to your marketing mix and which ones to stay far, far away from isn’t always easy.

For example, when Snapchat was first released, it didn’t have the best reputation, especially in the eyes of advertisers and schools. But today, its advertisers and content contributors include companies, such as CNN, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, National Geographic and ESPN. Some users have even admitted to solely getting their news through this platform. So now, perhaps this network is one your school might want to revisit and consider using.

New features within a social network are often easier to experiment with and gauge effectiveness, especially if you’re already using that network to reach your audience. Staying up-to-date on trends and the newest features will keep your school relevant and show your ability to adapt to new technologies. For example, when the Instagram stories feature was released, many business and schools weren’t sure if this new feature would work for them. It’s actually a great addition to take advantage of, because it gives an authentic feel to your account. If you use a lot of stock images (we’ll have a separate discussion about that), creating an Instagram story gives you an opportunity to show real, day-to-day experiences at your school. Taking a quick video or picture at an event or around campus adds a personal touch to your account.

As new technologies are introduced, do as much research as possible. Learn about their intended audience and use for the program. Evaluate if it will fit with your audience and marketing goals. When Pinterest was first made public, everyone wanted an account. However, how people actually use Pinterest today is different from what most businesses originally planned to use it for. Today, Pinterest is known for sharing DIY crafts, recipes, fashion ideas, etc. It’s led some businesses to close their accounts, and has helped other businesses thrive. If a network moves in a different direction than what fits your marketing needs, move on to more relevant and interesting channels. Revising your marking plan and activities is a great way to stay fresh and reach different audiences.

To learn more about any of the three topics we covered in this series, please get in touch with Sanger & Eby. We’d love to learn more about your institution and how we can partner together to create a successful recruitment marketing strategy.

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