Rhythm, Style, & Design: New Macy’s Music Festival Site Launch

7.6.2010 »
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Macy’s Music Festival is returning to downtown Cincinnati for the 46th Annual summer music celebration. To coincide with the festival, a new website was launched to help enhance ticket sales, as well as, to spread the word about this year’s Rhythm and U themed festival.

Macy's Music Festival 2010 Website

Sanger & Eby created and developed the new website for the Festival. The goal was to create a site that captured the style and feel of R&B, jazz, hip-hop, soul along with this year’s theme of Rhythm and U. The new site is filled with information about the upcoming artists, lodging, dining and a complete history of the the sights and sounds of previous festivals, allowing the audience to revisit their favorite artists performances from years past.

This was my first project after I came on at Sanger & Eby as a designer. It was fitting for me that it was a music related site, as music plays a very important part in my life and I have past experience designing and building sites for musicians and artists. Finding music new and old is something I enjoy greatly and to be able to be a part of this project was very fulfilling. This genre is something I’m not all familiar with, so it gave me a great opportunity to add new artists (at least to me!), like Charlie Wilson, to my iPod as well as give me a chance to explore a new design style.

After the initial meeting with the Macy’s team, viewing the poster art for the festival, and watching a few of the performances from years past I felt I had a good grasp on what style they were looking for to capture the essence of the music and festival weekend. By using bright colors, some of the artwork from the festival poster and a “street art” typeface, we were able to give the festival website a fresh look and feel that highlights the important information for the user.

You can visit the new site by following this link:

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