Sanger & Eby Gets Artsy with Cincinnati Art Museum’s Website Redesign

We partnered with the Cincinnati Art Museum to help bring people and art together in every way possible, through a dynamic digital platform that showcases the Art Museum as the crown jewel of Queen City culture.

Cincinnati Art Museum's Responsive Website Redesign
Published: 4.8.2016

The new responsive site reflects the collaboration between the Cincinnati Art Museum team and Sanger & Eby to improve the museum visitor experience online, with increased engagement, excitement, and response to the museum’s rich offerings, programs, and collection.

The new site digitally houses nearly 60,000 objects from its collection, accompanied by more than 4,000 high-quality images—making this inventory accessible online for the first time! It also showcases a more flexible events calendar, allowing the museum to connect a larger audience with its art.

“The Cincinnati Art Museum site was an intriguing challenge, because museum sites are inherently very visual, and creating an engaging, accessible experience that communicates the brand through mobile opens up a new audience base for the museum.” —Lisa Sanger

The new site offers a new resource for educators, too, integrating more than 300 cross-curricular classroom resources via a searchable database.

This redesign has stunning features that enhance user experience for museum visitors, stakeholders, and general art lovers alike. But it all comes together to fulfill a larger goal:

Connecting more people with art.

We’re very proud to have worked with the Art Museum in achieving this goal—the redesigned site is already receiving widespread acclaim and even international news coverage, speaking to its success, innovation, and a great outcome. Check out for yourself. 

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