Sanger & Eby Partners with FOX Careers for Major Site Redesign

11.25.2014 »
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Sanger & Eby has gone Hollywood. A brand new responsive careers site for one of our newest clients: the new FOX Careers site will help FOX achieve its talent goals.

21st Century Fox's New Career Website

A polished site structure enhances user experience, which is particularly important for FOX Careers and its job search. Applicants can easily apply through FOX Careers, with a seamless Taleo application transition, custom-designed and coded by our development team.

Through this one site, FOX Careers provides a cohesive experience for all potential candidates while also showcasing the family of FOX brands and highlighting what makes each one uniquenot an easy feat for such a large and dynamic company.

Fox Career Site Mobile View
Fox Career Site Mobile View
Fox Career Site Mobile View

Fox Careers’ new site gives the applicant a much more in-depth and intricate look into what it’s like to be part of one of the top entertainment studios in the world, with rich, descriptive content and videohearing firsthand from real FOX employees.

The website carries the iconic FOX Entertainment look and feel while also establishing a distinctive brand image for FOX Careers.

Congrats to the FOX Careers and Sanger & Eby teams on this bold and beautiful new site. We’re proud to work with FOX on this amazing project, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

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