Sanger & Eby’s Site Redesign: When We Become the Client

You know the saying, “you’re your own worst critic”? After a major site redesign with ourselves as the client, we’re here to tell you the saying is tried and true.

Sanger & Eby's New Website Is Live
Published: 2.13.2015

Amidst clients and major projects (which always take priority), we put our brains together and poured our blood, sweat, tears, and caffeine into a dynamic, responsive site—one that tells our story. Using our name as inspiration, our story is told through words that begin with S&E. Our work, our philosophy, and our culture are expressed through the design influenced by this theme. 

Our new site features a beautifully sleek, user-friendly platform as well as a fresh, clear voice to showcase and share our work, expertise, culture, and ideas.

We’re inspired every day by the work we produce for our clients, and that’s reflected in the way we created our site. The new tells a story using all of our specialties: research, strategy, design, content creation, motion, and development—all overseen by effective project management.

We could drill down into every detail of our site, but we’ll focus on the major talking points and let you discover the rest on your own:

Our video supports our story:

Our Instagram feed streams directly into our homepage, sharing our culture in real-time:

Animated Instagram Feed Feature on Sanger & Eby's Website

Our Expertise page highlights 3 areas of communication where we’ve built focus and unique insight through the years—talent communications, education branding, and corporate communications.

Our Culture page gives an interactive perspective into our team’s background—as told by each team member.

Our Work is showcased through compelling visuals—with case studies laying out the challenges, the strategies we created to meet them, and the real-world results.

We’re in the business of communicating culture and inspiring engagement. We’re happy to say our site lives up to our reputation.

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