Second Intern at Sanger & Eby: The New Edition

Nicole Plumb
11.10.2010 »
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Anticipation and excitement consumed me the morning before I started as a marketing intern at Sanger & Eby. The night prior to my start, I aimed to eliminate all controllable stressors; I prepared my lunch, programmed my GPS, decided on an outfit and went to bed early.

That morning, everything was running smoothly until my skirt became caught in the dryer vent, I forgot my car key in my apartment, and on my way to my car, a van almost hit me. I thought to my superstitious self, “Is this an omen? Am I in for a bad day?” Fortunately, this wasn’t an omen boding bad news. Sanger & Eby has been nothing but smooth from the beginning.

My first day consisted of getting a feel for the office and becoming familiar with everything I would be involved with. Luckily, the previous intern left the most helpful notes to ensure an easy transition for the next intern; this immensely eased my transition. No time was wasted, after reading through notes and chatting with my boss, Kat, I was assigned two press releases.

Like a majority of college students, I’m trying to make the most of my education before graduation. This being said, I wanted an internship that would give me real experience other than making coffee. Kat put me right in the mix of projects. Important projects involving Macy’s, Inc. and other big clients. Sanger & Eby treat their interns like full-time staff members by giving real responsibilities and projects.

Since my start and now going on eight weeks, I have drafted press releases and distributed them to media outlets; I’ve done research for major projects, and worked on projects for Macy’s and other major clients; I have written post-mortems and I’ve attended meetings involving important clients.

In this economy, graduates don’t benefit from coursework alone but from experience too. Sanger & Eby was exactly what I needed to make the most of my education. This is truly a brilliant place to be an intern at and I can’t convey any clearer how happy I am to be here.

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