So, What Do You Do? Tweet All Day?

Kevin Roesch
8.29.2012 »
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“So what do you do, tweet all day?” On a handful of occasions, this is the question I get from friends, family, or whoever when I tell them about my internship. In my mind, my internship at Sanger & Eby consists of three facets: social media, project management, and strategy. Once someone hears “social media” come out of my mouth, they assume I “like” random Facebook pages or hashtag my life away on Twitter.

While I have indeed “liked” clients for Sanger & Eby on Facebook and have definitely written my fair share of tweets this summer (did you know a link on Twitter was 20 characters? I do), there’s so much more to this internship that even I haven’t regarded at times.

I sat down with my manager and mentor, Kat Jenkins, to lay out my objectives for this internship. Since I’m a cooperative student I need to give feedback about my role and employer to school. As we were discussing these objectives, and if they were being met, Kat started editing the list of jobs I had completed and kept track of. She seemed to be crossing out choice words, particularly where I wrote words like assisted or helped.

She brought it my attention that in many cases where I had written assisted, in fact I had done this project myself, no assisting necessary.

I believe modesty is a nice quality to have, but not only had I been modest with my contributions to Sanger & Eby, I was underselling myself. Once she wrote down in black and white what she thought I had accomplished compared to what I thought I had accomplished, it became clear just how much I was doing and more importantly learning in this internship.

Marketing myself and clearly communicating my accomplishments is still a skill I need to learn; it will be beneficial to me in life no matter what path I take. Take note of what your responsibilities are and know how to communicate them effectively. I felt confident in interviews before, but now I feel like I will blow the next one out of the water. They won’t be able to get me to shut up about Sanger & Eby.

It’s been a whirlwind of a summer. My internship here was only a little over two months, short in its own right, but that time went by in the blink of an eye. I hope I was more of a benefit to the team than a burden. I will arrogantly and ignorantly assume I was. I know I have benefited greatly from this experience. I’ve had an internship or two before, but this is the first time I feel that I am taking valuable experience away from it.

So what if people think I tweet all day? I know better.

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