The Power of Search and the Impact of Social

Visibility in search engines is critical to a successful online presence, driving awareness and engagement with content that leads to conversations, and ultimately to sales—whether you’re marketing a product, a service, or a reputation.

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Published: 7.15.2014

With 93% of online activity beginning with search (more than 100 billion global searches per month according to the latest statistics from Google), optimizing a website for search is an essential part of an effective marketing program.

Major search engines continually evolve their algorithms to provide the best possible user experience and the most relevant results to users, building their own market share and driving advertising sales. Effective SEO therefore is in a constant state of change as well, and effective SEO experts must continually stay on top of the latest research, news, trends, and results to provide relevant and effective services.

People speak differently than they search, and so balancing the most effective search terms with readable, engaging content is key both in search engine visibility and in sales conversion once a visitor lands on the site. Additionally, each page of the website can only be effectively optimized for a single keyword, making the selection of keywords extremely importantyou can be the number one ranking for a given keyword, but if no one’s searching for it, it doesn’t matter.

Social media and SEO have an increasingly formal relationship that yields tremendous results for search visibility.

It has in many ways supplanted the traditional linkbuilding strategy, and yields tremendous benefits. The intersection of the two is referred to as “social search” and it’s a critical component of a successful SEO program. Social media is pervasive, and it further reinforces what search engines ultimately strive to deliver: high rankings for relevant, reliable content that meets the user’s needs.

As social search continues to grow and evolve, it deepens the need for an effective, current, and well-maintained social media strategy that leverages brand-relevant and user-relevant keywords.

The combination of services provides a comprehensive 360 degree approach to managing your company’s visibility and subsequent engagement.

When you’re in the market for SEO, make sure you’re getting a full service: research and strategy (search and social strategies), identified strategic keywords to drive targeted traffic, optimization of content and supporting content frameworks, and sites structured to reflect state of the art best practices for search visibility. Let’s talk about what we can achieve together.

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