There’s a New Intern in Town!

Kevin Roesch
7.13.2012 »
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I am no stranger to Sanger & Eby. In fact it’s a company I’ve been around my entire life; I guess that’s what happens when your aunt is the co-founder. Growing up, I’ve worked here a handful of times, but never for longer than a month. Now I’ve upgraded to intern, and will be here all summer.

Merriam-Webster defines nepotism as “favoritism (as in appointment to a job) based on kinship.” While I might have been riding the line between nepotism and networking when looking for an internship, it turns out me working for Sanger & Eby is kismet. I just finished my third year as a Marketing/Advertising major, and a relevant internship had just opened up here.

Everyone hears intern horror stories, mostly involving perfecting the art of fetching coffee and collating. While I didn’t fetch any coffee in my last internship, I did have an apathetic boss. Most of my time was spent scrounging for work. I rarely received any assignments or feedback from my actual boss.

Coming into this internship, I wasn’t too worried about my past intern experience repeating itself, especially when my boss, Kat Jenkins, wanted to see some writing samples. I knew my talents would be utilized, and of course I was right. On my first day I had a list of duties to accomplish for the week, and it wasn’t just busy work.

One pleasant surprise that occurred was working directly with Lisa Sanger, the co-founder. Lisa is basically a part of my extended family, but that doesn’t mean I would expect her to ask for my opinion on a project. Yet I took notes on what she gave me and sat down with her later in the day. It seemed like my opinion was actually beneficial to the project. I have limited experience in an office environment, but I would say it’s rare for the head of the company to sit down and consult with the intern.

That’s how Sanger & Eby operates though. The office is laid back and employees work as a team, between strategists, designers, programmers, and project managers. The doors to Lisa and Donna’s offices seem to be always open. From an intern’s perspective, this is a dream come true. Not only is my direct boss accessible and willing to help, the entire office is open to questions.

As the summer rolls on at Sanger & Eby I am certain my expectations will continue to be exceeded. This doesn’t feel like a job, but a valuable learning experience. That’s exactly what internships should be for college students. In a time where students further their education just to avoid unemployment, it’s crucial to attain real world experience with your degree. Okay, so a little bit of nepotism may or may not be involved, but I believe I will prove to be proficient as Sanger & Eby’s new intern.

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