Tweeting and Dramas—Chiller TV’s New Twist

9.30.2014 »
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Live-tweeting during events is one thing, but horror movies seem to bring their own special level of engagement on Twitter (especially bad ones). Our lead strategist explains why:

Chiller TV Network's "Don't Watch Alone" Twitter Campaign

A few months ago, I blogged about the difference between tweeting during live TV events versus dramas, analyzing why networks don’t see a lot of engagement during weekly primetime shows, because people want to *watch the shows* instead of tweeting.

Now Chiller TV Network (yes, I watch it, don’t judge) has a new take on the idea, with “Don’t Watch Alone,” a weekly Twitter and TV event that invites horror fans to tune in every Saturday night, watch with a group, and chat on Twitter using the #scarysocial hashtagbecause no one likes to watch horror movies by themselves, right?

It’s a neat take on the shared experience concept, especially since the network goes out of its way to show really bad horror movies—which are a lot more fun to comment on. Don’t Watch Alone has only been running a few weeks, but it’s generated a small, active following with a high engagement levelto the point where it’s evolving into an engaged community, with viewers posting photos and tweets about other aspects of their lives and tweeting that they miss the group when they’re not able to watch.

Stats show Chiller’s engagement level on Twitter is through the roof on Saturdays400% higher than the rest of the weekand 500% higher during the Don’t Watch Alone timeslot. Sure, that’s nothing compared to the NFL’s close to a million tweets, seen by over 8 million fans, during the first Thursday Night game of the season, but sports is squarely in the event arena and there’s not a problem generating engagement there. Chiller’s take is different. It looks promising, and I love the twist on creating engagement around a shared viewing interest. We’ll see where it goes.

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