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6.16.2017 »
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In case you missed it, Twitter made quite a few updates to their website and mobile apps yesterday. Twitter previously made small updates, but this the first full-scale redesign in years. At Sanger & Eby, we want to make sure you’re always informed about news and updates that impact your brand. So, here’s what this change means to you.

What’s different?

The update you might notice first (and might need updated in some cases) is your profile picture. The square profile image was replaced by a circle, which has cut off some logos and company names. Be sure to check your profile to see if your image has been affected.

Twitter's New iOS TimelineView

Image Credit: Twitter, Inc.

On the iOS mobile app, Twitter has condensed its menus and tabs to create a better user experience that doesn’t feel as cluttered. They previously rolled this out on their Android app, and received great responses, so this feature is now available for iOS users too. Also within the iOS app, all links to articles or other content now opens within the Twitter app, using Safari’s in-app viewer.

Twitter's New iOS Profile View

Image Credit: Twitter, Inc.

Overall, the site’s typography was refreshed for a consistent experience, and bold new headlines help users distinguish between menus and content. Icons throughout the menus and content have been simplified to help users easily understand and interact with tweets. As users like, reply or retweet your content, these actions update live so users can see these conversations in real time without having to refresh the page.

To learn more, visit Twitter’s blog.

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