Uploading to the Cloud: You Are Now Free to Move (Your Files) About the Cabin

11.5.2015 »
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Depending on your role in the great mobile Internet, whether you’re a user or a developer, the announcement of a new iteration of Apple’s iOS is always a source of great speculation before, and excitement—sometimes even consternation—after.

Illustration of moving files to the cloud.

As a developer and thus a bit of a tech guy (not to mention an Android user), more often than not I can be found throwing my hands up in the air and grousing about how an obvious must-include feature is still missing from the venerated mobile OS. This latest round of iOS updates was, my friends, not one of those instances.

Screen capture of uploading documents on iOS 

Finally (finally!), iPhone and iPad users that have upgraded to iOS 9 have access to upload files of any type through the Safari web browser.

Where before iOS users were limited to the pictures and videos in their Photo Library when choosing a file to upload, users can now submit all types of files to web forms through Safari from iCloud or Google Drive with iOS 9.

Since mobile branding extensions for the job board software Taleo is an expertise of Sanger & Eby, a pain point for us in the past has been that iOS job applicants would have to save their in-progress applications and switch to a desktop or laptop computer to submit their resumés, which are often Word documents or PDFs. Now, with this long-overdue feature, iOS users won’t have to use multiple devices just to complete their applications, which is great news for applicants’ user experience as a whole. And that enhanced user experience should translate into more desirable job candidates for our clients to choose from.

This should be occasion to celebrate for any future job applicants. But, let’s temper our enthusiasm—we have a long way to go before flooding our CVs with those shiny new taco and unicorn emojis is considered professionally acceptable. Until our society has moved on from that particular hang up, we’ll have to live with the benefits of only one long-overdue mobile feature.


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