Walk Softly and Carry a Big Hand

7.13.2009 »
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Today, members of the Cincinnati Poker Club became a littler richer. Tony McGlone, the member who represented the CPC at the 2009 World Series of Poker finished in 171st place, winning $36,626.

Sanger & Eby has 4 CPC members and for the second year in a row, has sent a player who had out lasted over 6300 other players—many of them pros—to bring home cash. (Happily, we all share in the jackpot.)

Tony is not flashy, nor is he an in-your-face player with an attitude trying to intimidate the table. He doesn’t have to. Tony knows the game, knows himself and is a patient observer. Smart player. And, when he has to, stands up to aggressors who mistake kindness for weakness. Yep, they soon learn.

In poker, as in life, we really don’t need dog-and-pony shows to demonstrate our value… too often they are just an attempt to cover ineptitude. Business—good business—doesn’t have to be purposefully complicated or dressed up in fancy packaging. It’s too transparent. We are who we are and our strengths come through our authenticity, loud and clear.

Congratulations, Tony. Thanks for giving us all a taste of being there through the continuous Twitter updates and nightly email summaries. We’re glad we could come along for the ride.

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