What makes a successful recruitment campaign?

With many schools facing declining enrollment, recruiters and admissions staff are under increasing pressure to prove their efforts are working.

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Published: 5.31.2017

Strategic recruitment campaigns are becoming more and more important to increase enrollment. But what makes a successful campaign?

Recruitment marketing is continuously changing and evolving. While there are endless options for campaign platforms and technologies, a few tried-and-true strategies and tactics still consistently lead to success. 

  1. Personalize as much as possible.

    Students, and their influencers, are looking to be engaged, feel special and be pursued. They might start their search online to gather information, but after that initial step, they are looking for personalization. Whether through phone calls, direct mail or even social media, send and respond to communications using their first names and any other information you can use to customize messaging. Give groups of prospective students access to different behind-the-scenes content or “sneak peeks” — anything to make them feel special. Students and parents want to know that the school cares about them as a person and aren’t going to treat them as a number.

  2. Keep them on their toes.

    Each recruitment season is a new opportunity to creatively market your school and share your culture. Try advertising on a new channel or platform, such as Spotify or Pandora, to reach your audience. Surprise local families with an entirely new look or theme for your recruitment campaign each year. Switching things up not only keeps your school current, but fresh ideas will help you stand out from last year’s efforts and your competitors.

  3. Answer their questions before they ask.

    Research and dig deep for insights about what prospective high school students need to know to make a decision. All marketing materials — brochures, videos, blogs — should clearly address one (or maybe more) of the common questions during the decision-making process. Each year, take fresh look at all of your materials. Cut out the marketing fluff and outdated information, and make it easy to find answers. This is especially true for your school’s website.

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