Why Collaboration Matters In UX Design

User experience is all about designing with the end user in mind to meet their needs and the key to successful UX design is collaboration.

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Published: 11.10.2017

This year, while working with a client to improve their website’s user interface and provide a better user experience (UX), I realized something important about UX. I had developed several different options but I wasn’t fully set on one solution – something felt like it was missing. Our creative director suggested having a small brainstorming session with a few teammates and it dawned on me what I was missing. Collaboration. How could I create a better user interface for all site visitors, with just one person’s input?

Team work and collaboration are vital to creating an outstanding user experience. User experience is all about designing with the end user in mind to meet their needs. When designing independently, it can be difficult to remove your own opinions and biases from the process, to truly put the user’s needs first and be their advocate, in a sense. But, when you collaborate as a team, you draw from a collection of experiences and multiple areas of expertise, which is when you create something truly successful. 

Our quick brainstorming session was invaluable to creating a successful solution for our client that solved their objectives and the needs of the users. Working together not only as designers, but across departments is one benefit we have at Sanger & Eby. Our team is agile enough to partner together and provide the best outcomes for our clients.

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