Why Mobile Matters For Recruiting

4.18.2018 »
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With 87% of the U.S. population using a mobile phone, it’s no wonder more people use their phones to search and apply for jobs.

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Is your career website ready for mobile users? People are constantly on the move, and they want instant access to information. This includes information about their career and searching for new opportunities. Having a responsive career site that’s optimized for all devices, including mobile, is a great first step. This allows job seekers to learn more about your company, the benefits offered and how they could fit into the existing culture. If your company has this, you’re ahead of most of your competition.

Take your career site even further and set yourself apart from the majority of today’s companies. Make your application system, such as Taleo, mobile-friendly too. Since many applicant tracking systems are not responsive to start, they have a poor mobile candidate experience when candidates try to search and apply for open positions on their smartphones. It also gives your users the ability to search and apply via mobile as well opens the door to more applicants while giving you an advantage over your competitors who do not have a responsive website.

According to Jobvite, potential applicants are using their phones just about anywhere to look for a new career; including in the office or at their current job (37%), in the restroom (16%), or even in a meeting (14%).2

Person Using Phone in a Restaurant

31% of people have applied for a job while dining.

Person Using Phone in a Restaurant

30% of people have applied for a job while commuting.

Person Using Phone in a Restaurant

10% of people have applied for a job while at the gym.


People that are comfortable applying for jobs in these unconventional places are doing so via mobile. If your search and apply functionality is not responsive, you could be losing countless numbers of potential applicants.

See how we helped Macy’s, Inc. create a great mobile candidate experience. Then, let’s talk about how we can improve the mobile experience for your company.

1 Google Consumer Barometer 2017
2 Jobvite Job Seeker Nation Survey 2017

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