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Mobile Job Search and Apply: Creating A Great Candidate Experience

The world today is on the move – we access the Internet from our mobile devices more than any other platform, and that includes when we’re searching for jobs. In fact, 45% of job candidates use their smartphones or other mobile devices for job searches every. single. day.

At the same time, many applicant tracking systems (ATS) don’t offer a great mobile candidate experience – or offer mobile as an option at all. Even systems that include a mobile job search function usually don’t have a way for candidates to apply for a job via mobile,  and if their only Internet access is through mobile – as it is for many candidates now – you’re never even going to see them.

To address that challenge and ensure a great mobile candidate experience, we’ve created a mobile job search and application designed to help our clients compete for top talent in an increasingly mobile world.

Our solution leverages the power of the ATS and creates an elegant, branded experience that enables candidates to search and apply for jobs the way they want to, when they want to – and still experience the full employer brand so they understand not just the job, but also the culture, the environment, and the people – the things that help them make the decision to join your company.

Effectively communicating the employer brand is critical: 84% of employees say they would leave their current role if a company with a great reputation offered them a job. And the competition for talent is fierce – in fact, 90% of recruiters say the job market in 2015 was candidate-driven, up from 54% in 2011.

The application process is a big part of the employer brand, so communicating it well and supporting the candidate effectively throughout the process has a tremendous impact on hiring, on retention, and ultimately on business success.

Explore success stories for our mobile job search and apply process, and then contact us to find out how we can help make your candidate experience a top-talent winner.

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