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Mobile Job Search and Apply: Creating a Memorable Candidate Experience

The world today is on the move. In fact, 45% of job candidates use their smartphones or other mobile devices for job searches every single day.

Many applicant tracking systems (ATS), such as Taleo or Workday Recruiting, don’t offer a great candidate experience on mobile devices. Even systems that include a mobile-friendly job search function usually don’t have a way for candidates to apply for a job via mobile, nor can they accurately reflect your employer branding in their designs. Supporting the candidate effectively throughout the entire online process has a tremendous impact on hiring, retention and ultimately, on business success.

Compete for top talent in an increasingly mobile world.
Our mobile search and apply solution is:

  • Easy to implement with your current applicant tracking system
  • Customizable to maintain your employer branding throughout the process
  • Responsive for one design that fits all mobile, tablet and desktop screens
  • Free of licensing fees

In addition, effectively communicating the employer brand is critical: 84% of employees say they would leave their current role if a company with a great reputation offered them a job. We help apply your full employer branding to copy and designs in order to create an elegant, branded experience so candidates understand not just the job, but also the culture, the environment, and the people – what helps them make the decision to join your company.

We're a leader in mobile search and apply. In fact, our streamlined mobile Taleo job search and application solution has been recommended as a best practice by Oracle. Explore success stories for our mobile job search and apply process. Then, contact us to find out how we can help make your candidate experience a top-talent winner.

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