Maintaining Candidate Experience During Mergers & Acquisitions

21st Century Fox and Fox Corporation Career Websites

Hiring needs don’t stop during most mergers and acquisitions – here’s how 21st Century Fox and the new Fox Corporation maintained great candidate experience during a time of great change.

  • Slider images containing screen shots of the new Fox Corporation Careers Website.
  • Slider images containing screen shots of the new Fox Corporation Careers Website.
  • Slider images containing screen shots of the new Fox Corporation Careers Website.


Disney Corporation’s $71 billion purchase of many of 21st Century Fox’s entertainment properties was a massive acquisition, and took more than a year to complete. During that extended period, 21st Century Fox and its spinoff, Fox Corporation, needed to continue engaging, inspiring, and hiring with outstanding candidate experience.

That meant splitting the 21st Century Fox careers site into two separate sites: the 21st Century Fox careers site for the brands Disney was acquiring, and the spinoff Fox Corporation careers site. With a fluctuating and fast-paced timeline and rapidly evolving brand standards, the talent acquisition teams needed to continue delivering great results for both companies and candidates.

Image of Fox Corporation Careers responsive website on desktop computer screen, laptop screen, mobile phone and tablet.


Working in close partnership with the Fox and 21st Century Fox teams, Sanger & Eby designed and rapidly developed the new Fox Corporate careers site, including creating a new mobile search and application experience for the Workday applicant tracking system. At the same time, multiple rounds of changes were needed for the existing 21st Century Fox site, which needed to retain its Workday mobile search and application experience, also designed and developed by Sanger & Eby.

Image showing the job search screens of the Fox Corporation Careers responsive website.


The new Fox Corporation careers website launched on February 28, 2019, with the 21st Century Fox careers website relaunch following a few weeks later on March 20, 2019. Stay tuned for results!


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