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Custom Applications - All Occasions Event Rental

A dynamic product catalog helps consultants efficiently customize orders and provide personalized service.

Event equipment rental company All Occasions had a catalog of thousands of items available for event rental – everything from coffee cups and tablecloths to furniture and event tents. The company needed a way to extend its reach, market its products and services more effectively, and ensure its potential customers had an intuitive way to create their own estimates before reviewing and finalizing a rental order with an All Occasions expert.

With a reputation for outstanding customer service and a knowledgeable staff able to customize every type of event from the smallest casual gathering to corporate events for thousands of people, All Occasions needed to ensure its resources were deployed effectively and that its online solutions supported customers with the highest level of service.

Sanger & Eby partnered with the All Occasions team to develop an in-depth understanding of the business needs, then developed a custom database housing the contents of the product catalog with a comprehensive and easy-to-use management interface. A streamlined, elegant website featured all of the company’s products and enabled potential clients to build their own list of event rental items and generate their own product estimate, which they then submitted to All Occasions.

Comprehensive, easy-to-use management interface

Since many clients aren’t necessarily event-planning experts, All Occasions needed to ensure a professional review and consultation prior to order placement so that clients had what they needed and each rental was a success. Once clients created and submitted their estimates through the website, an All Occasions expert would receive and review the order, then consult with the potential client to ensure all event needs were effectively met.

Review and approval system ensures order correctness and provides opportunities for upselling

Since the product catalog is constantly changing, with new items added and old ones removed, Sanger & Eby developed a streamlined administrative system with a highly intuitive interface, ensuring the All Occasions team could effectively maintain the system over time, without requiring continual support from the Sanger & Eby technical team.

Custom database houses catalog contents

All Occasions has achieved and maintained outstanding customer satisfaction while maximizing its team of expert consultants – instead of building an estimate with a client from the ground up, experts are able to review a potential client’s estimate and suggest changes and additions to ensure a great experience. This means less time per order and more personalized service with streamlined resource costs – a huge win for any business model.

The All Occasions team manages the catalog and back-end administrative system independently, calling on the Sanger & Eby team only for enhancements as their business model evolves. The company has achieved greater market awareness through online marketing with a streamlined, publicly available online catalog that helps them build the company and achieve business objectives.

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