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Hospital foundation fundraising enhances health care services

For more than 15 years, Sanger & Eby has partnered with Atrium Medical Center Foundation to create engaging communications that bring their powerful message into the homes and hearts of the community and drive powerful results that consistently exceed goals and expectations.

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As a leading Southwest Ohio healthcare provider, Atrium Medical Center is deeply dedicated to having the most up-to-date facilities and treatment options, as well as extensive continuing education and research for their staff. Meeting the monumental challenge of supporting a state-of-the-art health care facility, the Foundation must turn to the community and communicate compelling reasons for donors to engage.

Atrium Medical Center Foundation’s donor base includes individuals, families, businesses, community groups and other foundations – each with unique needs and preferred communication styles. To prevent donor burnout, the Foundation must continually reinvent the request for support while working to connect with and engage new donors. To meet this challenge with fresh ideas and innovative messaging, the Foundation turns to longtime creative partner Sanger & Eby.

Cover and spread for the Joy of Movement campaign case for support


Each year, the Foundation designates an area of care as the focus for all of its fundraising efforts. A unique campaign theme defines the focus, and Sanger & Eby creates the campaign brand to support the year’s mission with compelling creative that sparks engagement and inspires donors to take action.

Each campaign has its own unique look and feel while still complying with and complementing the overarching Foundation brand. This approach helps cultivate a renewed engagement with the Foundation’s ongoing mission, sparking renewed interest and preventing donor burnout – an ongoing risk for non-profit organizations everywhere. All collateral created throughout the year, including case statements, appeal letters, event invitations, the annual report, update letters and more, incorporates the fresh, new campaign elements.

Various Atrium Medical Center Foundation Annual Report Covers


Sanger & Eby’s communications expertise has helped the Foundation consistently exceed campaign fundraising goals, including their capital campaign that secured more than $5 million for the construction of the new state-of-the-art hospital and heart care center. Other areas of care that have been advanced by these efforts include women’s health, cancer care, child and newborn health, cardiovascular health, and neurosciences.

Over the past decade, the Foundation has nearly doubled its donor base and tripled the number of donors who have included the Foundation in their wills and estate plans. Our work with the Atrium Medical Center has helped create a substantial impact across Southwest Ohio and continues to improve the lives of all who are touched by the hospital and Foundation’s work.

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